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The FIMABIO pleads for a complete legal arsenal of the organic sector in Morocco.

The Moroccan Interprofessional Federation of the Organic Sector (FIMABIO) advocates for the adoption of all regulatory texts, still under study, to have a complete legal arsenal of the organic sector in Morocco.
It is necessary to give credibility to the certification and the organic logo Morocco. It is also necessary to ensure a rigorous control to prohibit any misuse of the organic label on the domestic market, stressed the FIMABIO in a « manifesto for an organic Morocco and for the support of an African », developed as part of the preparations for the COP22.

FIMABIO adds that the state should also subsidize the organic sector at all levels of the value chain. And calls on the government to introduce organic food in schools, public universities but also in the restaurants of administrations.

FIMABIO proposes the development of a national program contract in order to certify and set up production sectors that can easily be converted to organic (nearly 600,000 hectares), which have never known the use of pesticides such as: argan forests, almond forests, date palms and / or aromatic and medicinal plants.

FIMABIO also insists on the fact that it is strongly advised to develop a model project of organic agriculture on a local scale: In the peri-urban areas of the city of Casablanca. And to reserve and develop an eco-industrial area dedicated to the processing of organic products and help develop commercial islands of distribution of organic products around existing units in Casablanca and Rabat in order to begin a comprehensive marketing program of national organic products.

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