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The first distributor of organic products in Morocco abandons its French franchise to launch a 100% Moroccan franchise.

This is one more proof of the effervescence of the organic market. Distribio Maroc, the group that launched in 2011 the first foreign franchise of organic products – La Vie claire-, announces the creation of « Green Village », the first Moroccan organic franchise.
« This large multi-brand organic market, which will start with 35% Moroccan products, aims to exceed 50% within 5 years. An autonomous Moroccan organic franchise will improve traffic and variety in stores, and seek the best value for money, « said the firm in a statement.
The objective is to gain freedom and room for maneuver, to free themselves from inadequate administrative and financial processes and to reduce the long import times from the franchisors’ platforms.
In detail, all the major international brands independent organic consumers are accustomed to alongside fresh produce, local products from various regions certified « Bio Morocco » and processed products, including brands Alvena and OumHani.

An international and national showcase of organic

Various partnerships with more than 45 Moroccan operators will expand the local offer: teas, coffees, spices, flours, food supplements, cosmetics; bakery and pastry products will be introduced.
According to the group, processing units will be set up by the group for specific products. In addition, plastic containers made from hydrocarbons will be progressively reduced in favor of packaging made from plant-based plastic, paper or fabric. Better still, the group’s stated ambition is to franchise sales outlets abroad, in the north and south, by promoting local products and know-how, but also the African origin. Finally, a fourth store in Marrakech (late 2018) will be added to the 3 existing ones, in Casablanca and Rabat, which will evolve towards the new graphic charter of « Green Village ». Similarly, the online site, known to the public under the address, will become Eventually, the Green Village network aims to become an international showcase of organic, focused on the wealth of organic « made in Morocco ».

Certification of subsidized products

It must be said that Distribio’s strategic shift was motivated by the evolution of Moroccan regulations, namely Law 39-12 on organic production – enacted in 2013 -, of which several application texts had been published, as we announced last March. A real barrier to entry upstream of the organic market, product certification is now subsidized by the Ministry of Agriculture.
Long awaited by Moroccan producers -who had to have their products certified by foreign labels-, the Moroccan organic label will soon see the light of day, according to professional sources.

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