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Organic agriculture and sustainable economy: know-how and perspectives

During a webinar held on Thursday, November 12, the Moroccan Interprofessional Federation of the Organic Sector (Fimabio) returned to the Organak project initiated in partnership with the GIZ.

The idea being to present its intersection and complementarity with the national Green Generation project, and the achievements of Fimabio's efforts since its creation in 2016.

"This project, financed by the German Parliament, is a timely start to a series of actions planned by Fimabio to make organic agriculture a pillar of a green and sustainable economy," says the Federation.

In addition to Morocco, Organak covers two major players in organic agriculture at the regional level, namely Tunisia and Egypt. This device comes indeed to structure the need for the sector in training and trainer and allows a transfer of experience between member countries. Organak is part of an African collaboration. It aims to establish a North African center of knowledge in organic agriculture. It will allow Moroccan operators to capitalize on their achievements and develop their network.

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