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The organic sector is moving into a new phase of its development after the adoption of the government decree that will allow the subsidy of organic agricultural products. This decree is part of the commitments of the State provided in the contract program signed between the Government and professionals in 2011 (AMABIO became FIMABIO) to develop the organic at national level and export.

The publication in the Official Bulletin of the law 39-12 which governs the organic production and the decrees of application adopted one after the other these last years, concerning the standard specifications of the vegetable products, animals and the transformed products, are going to complete the necessary legal arsenal.

The national regulation of Organic with the Bio Morocco logo should be implemented in the coming weeks, concluding a long process of consultations and joint development between the Ministry of Agriculture, other relevant administrations and professionals represented by the Federation FIMABIO.

From the status of niche on the national market, organic products should thus experience the same quantitative and qualitative leaps in marketing and awareness of citizens as the advanced countries, and become an economic sector in its own right. The professionals of the sector who have been working for years on the awareness of the operators and the consumers to develop the offer and the demand of certified products according to the rules of the art, see their efforts crowned with the current dynamics.

These significant advances should clarify the situation of certified organic products, offering the guarantee that they are free of chemicals and GMOs and ensuring their traceability. The texts will also make it possible to control any abusive use of the organic label, counterfeiting and smuggling or other uses of unregulated names. The export of national organic products can only really develop with a recognized logo, a credible sector and a rigorous and demanding professional work. In this sector, in addition to the control mechanisms that will be established by the ONSSA, national consumers are required to play an active role and called to verify the regulatory labels, logos and traceability of distribution.

The brand image and success of the national organic will now rely on the enlightened leadership of public decision makers, committed professionals and consumers aware of the issues of food and health, environment and climate change reduction.

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